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PONSEL MESURE manufactures instrumentations for water quality. We provide practical solutions to all professional working in wastewater, drinking water, scientists involved in field and laboratory conditions.

Instrumentation Probes
Online instrumentation
The new ACTEON 5000 controller is a now a worldwide reference for measuring electrochemical parameters such as conductivity, oxygen, pH, ORP, Turbidity, suspended solids and sludge blanket

Professionnal Digital Handheld instrumentation
Choose the ODEON digital technology and discover what confidence, simplicity and flexibility mean !
Associated to 1 or 2 PONSEL digital Plug and Play probes, have always confidence in our pH, ORP, conductivity, DO (OPTOD Optical Technology) and turbidity readings.

Systems and buoys
PONSEL provides complet solutions for water quality monitoring
-plateforms and buoys
-Data aquisition and telemetry systems

New Numerical photometer : PHOTOPOD
The new portable digital photometer was developed to provide a solution both for field and laboratory measurement requirements, the set ODEON-PHOTOPOD is an innovative and unique offer, making an exclusive link between a compact, strong and watertight photometer with a physic-chemical multiparameter portable device.

Digital sensors RS 485 / SDI-12
Connectable with all dataloggers, remote system, automates, sempler flowmeter, the PONSEL digital sensors are an economical solution for our physicochemical measures.

Multiparameter probes
This new numerical multiparameter probe allows to measure up to 8 parameters simultaneously (pH, Redox, Conductivity, salinity, TDS, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity) to achieve the most accurate water quality analyses in all field conditions : wastewater, natural water, seawater...

PONSEL News and Emailing

- ODEON Turbidity Meter

A set to integrate Ponsel digital sensors in 1 day

- A new Partner to cover central Europe

PONSEL will participate at WEFTEC exhibition and ASIA PACIFIC AQUACULTURE exhibitions


ODEON Classic OPTOD® Oxygen Meter

Numerical photometer : PHOTOPOD

A set to integrate Ponsel digital sensors in 1 day

- ODEON Turbidity Meter

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