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- A new Partner to cover central Europe

ECM ECO Monitoring and PONSEL start a collaboration to cover central and eastern Europe with Ponsel products for water quality monitoring.

Thanks to this collaboration PONSEL Products are now available in more than 15 new countries.

Czech :
ECM ECO Monitoring, s.r.o., Dobrá
web site
ECM ECO Monitoring, s.r.o., Prague office
web site

Hungary :
ECM ECO Monitoring KFT, Budapest
Web site

Slovakia :
ECM MONITORY, spol. s r.o., Košice
Web site
Kontemo, s.r.o., Galanta
Web site

Romania :
ECM Tehnoinstrument, Ploesti
Web site

[Poland :
ECO Monitoring, Katowice
Web site

Croatia :
EKO Technologije Zagreb
Web Site

Serbia :
Compact mm trade, Beograd
Web site

ECM ECO Monitoring St. Petersburg
Web site

Bulgaria :
Metaskill Sofia
Web site

Ukraine :
ECM ECO Monitoring Doneck
Web site

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